Combat Vehicle Effects

Combat Vehicles have three effects. The higher the power of the NFT, the more efficiently Cores and BQT can be obtained. If you do not purchase a vehicle, the Modified Bus will be set as the default vehicle. Vehicles are more expensive than Mercs, taking into account that the efficiency of acquiring Cores is permanently increased as long as a Combat Vehicle is present.

1. Fire Support

Manual attack that can be used in the Autoplay Mode to deal some additional damage to the Infected.

2. Increase Merc Recovery Speed

Mercs in the same squad will have increased Stamina recovery speed.

3. Reduction to Corruption

Corruption level of Mercs is affected by Combat Vehicles in both the Autoplay Mode and the Survival Mode.
In the Autoplay Mode, the whole Squad that possesses a Combat Vehicle is affected.

In the Survival Mode, the strongest effect of the Combat Vehicles in your possession will be applied. For example, if you have a Combat Vehicle that reduces Corruption by 50%, the expected value of Cores you can earn before the maximum Corruption level is reached is effectively doubled.
*The number of Cores that can be earned in the Autoplay Mode is semi-random and may not be exactly double.

The following Combat Vehicles are planned to be available at the time of the game’s release.

Combat Vehicle Icon Name Speed of Stamina Recovery(/hour) Power of Fire Support Reduction to Corruption Initial Selling Volume Price (MATIC (Polygon))
Modified Bus (Default) icon Modified Bus (Default) 30 1 0%
KFZ Half-Track icon KFZ Half-Track 36 2 10% 600 25
KFZ Half-Track Mk2 icon KFZ Half-Track Mk2 42 4 20% 400 50
AH-1A Snake icon AH-1A Snake 48 8 30% 200 75
AH-1B Hydra icon AH-1B Hydra 54 16 40% 150 300
Master Eagle icon Master Eagle 60 32 50% 100 900
Master Eagle icon Master Griffin 66 64 60% 50 2000

*The stats may be adjusted before the game is released.