Acquisition and Quantities

Mercs are NFTs and can be obtained through the methods listed below. A maximum of 800 Mercs can be possessed.

More time-limited packs may become available in the future.

Method Type Acquisition Page Merc NFT Quantity Limitations Currency
Presale packs Pack Marketplace *Undecided MATIC (Polygon)
User transactions Single Merc Marketplace BQT
Store sales (A) Pack In-game shop *Undecided BQT
Store sales (B) Pack In-game shop *Undecided MATIC (Polygon)
Merc Fusion Single Merc In-game Mercs & BQT
Extraction of Crystallized Mercs Single Merc In-game Core
How to Acquire Crystallized Mercs Merc NFT Issuance Limit
Autoplay Mode None
Survival Mode None
Ranking Events None

Presale Packs

This pack allows you to spend MATIC (Polygon) to purchase 12 Mercs before the game launch. Only players who have been invited to participate in the presale in advance are granted the right to purchase the product. The rarity and parameters of the Mercs to be acquired will be determined at random. The packs sold in the presale will have a chance of having Mercs with the presale’s exclusive color (gold), which will also have +5 more attack power than regular Mercs.

Presale Packs image

User transactions

The Marketplace allows users to trade Merc NFTs with other users.
The listing price has a minimum price for each rarity.

▼Minimum listing price for trading between players

Rarity Minimum Listing Price
Legendary 1400
Epic 600
Rare 250
Uncommon 225
Common 200

*Stats may be adjusted before the game is released.

Store Sales (A)

Store Sales (A) image

*Image is of product under development. Content may differ from final release.

These packs are sold on an irregular basis and can be purchased by spending BQT in-game. The rarity and parameters of the Mercs to be acquired will be determined at random. The lottery method, probability settings, etc. are the same as for the presale.

▼Pricing of Mercs in the in-game store

Number of Merc NFTs to buy BQT price (store sale)
1 200
3 600
6 1200
12 2400

*Stats may be adjusted before the game is released.

About the maximum purchase limit for pack sales in the in-game shop
Packs are capped at a certain purchase limit for a certain period of time. Once the total number of purchases by all players reaches the maximum limit, purchases will not be available until a certain period of time has elapsed.

Store Sales (B)

We are considering adding Merc packs that can be purchased with MATIC (Polygon) at regular intervals. We envision these Mercs to have different skins, abilities, etc. than Mercs purchased with BQT. The MATIC (Polygon) sale price will be determined by taking into account the BQT and MATIC (Polygon) market prices prior to the sale.

Merc Fusion

By consuming two Mercs of the same rarity and some BQT, a new Merc can be created. Mercs can be consumed regardless of their Corruption level, and newly created Mercs will have a Corruption level of zero. The rarity of the Merc produced will be the same or one higher than that of the Mercs used as material. BQT to be consumed vary by rarity.

▼NFT Merc Fusion costs

Rarity BQT consumed Rarity increase probability
Legendary 2500 0%
Epic 1500 50%
Rare 400 50%
Uncommon 200 50%
Common 100 50%

*Stats may be adjusted before the game is released.

Extraction of Crystallized Mercs

Crystallized Mercs may be acquired during gameplay but cannot go into battle immediately.
Consume a certain number of cores to extract a Crystallized Merc, and it will become a Claimable Merc. Claiming a Claimable Merc will allow you to gain a Merc NFT that you can take to battle.

▼Cost of rescuing Crystalized Mercs


*Stats may be adjusted before the game is released.

There is a possession limit for each rarity of Merc.
Once the possession limit is reached, no more Crystallized Mercs of the corresponding rarity can be acquired.

▼Possession limit for Crystallized Mercs

Rarity Maximum Amount
Legendary 5
Epic 5
Rare 10
Uncommon 30
Common 50
Total 100

*Values may be adjuusted before the game is released.

Extraction of Crystallized Mercs is done in batches, so if you do not need any of the Crystallized Mercs, discard them before the extraction.