Squad Formations

A squad can be active with up to 12 Mercs and 1 Combat Vehicle. It is possible to start the game with only 1 Merc, but the more Mercs you have in your squad the more firepower it has. Additionally, the stronger your Squad is, the easier it will become to acquire Cores. Players can have up to 50 Squads. Your role as commander is to maintain balance by deploying several of your Mercs while allowing others to rest to achieve the maximum possible efficiency.

Squad Deployment

Once you deploy your Squad, the game proceeds semi-automatically as the Squad mows down hordes of creatures.

Merc Attrition

Mercs sent out will gradually lose their Stamina and will require some rest when it reaches zero. In addition, Mercs fighting on the front lines gradually become Corrupted. Once Corruption maxes out, the Merc can no longer be deployed.
Mercs who have been deployed in the Autoplay mode even once will not regain their Stamina unless the “Rest” button on the Autoplay mode screen is pressed.

Mercs and Combat Vehicles

Mercs and Combat Vehicles image

Mercs have a variety of abilities and weapons to fight the Infected. Different Mercs have different attack styles, strengths and skills.

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Combat Vehicles can provide fire support, well-deserved rest for your Mercs and also some protection against Corruption.
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