Item introduction

While playing in Survival Mode, you can strengthen your Mercs by acquiring supply boxes that drop when leveling up or defeating bosses.
There are two types of items that can be obtained: weapons and enhancement items.
*Enhanced items will not be carried over to subsequent plays.

Icon Name Type Effect
Sidearm Shot Shoots bullets at the closest enemy.
Laser Shot Shoots a laser beam in a straight line.
Drone Shot Launches a drone that flies around dropping bombs in its path.
Missile Shot Launches a homing missile that targets a random enemy.
Shuriken Shot Throws shurikens at the closest enemy.
Chainsaw Shot Chops up nearby enemies with a chainsaw.
Molotov Shot Throws a molotov cocktail at a random enemy dealing additional damage to all enemies nearby it.
Knife Shot Throws knives diagonally.
Plasma Shot Electrocutes a random enemy and other enemies nearby it.
Time Bomb Shot Places a timed bomb that blows up after a certain time.
Helmet Upgrades Decreases damage taken.
Boots Upgrades Increases movement speed.
Magnet Upgrades Expands item pick-up area.
Research Papers Upgrades Increases experience gained.
Magazine Upgrades Increases number of shots.
Scope Upgrades Increases attack range.
Bulletproof Vest Upgrades Increases maximum Stamina.
Gunpowder Upgrades Increases outgoing damage.
Custom Parts Upgrades Decreases cooldown.
Energy Drink Upgrades Grants gradual Stamina recovery.
Armor-piercing Ammo Upgrades Increases the number of times any weapon can pierce an enemy.