Plan for Maintaining the Tokenomics of the Game

In order to stimulate the game’s economy, the Crypt Busters team has prepared the following measures.

Expenditure of BQT and Cores

BQT can be used in various ways within the game. In order to maintain a balanced in-game economy, we have prepared several ways to use BQT. Some of these opportunities can be used to further increase the efficiency of acquiring Cores.

Usage Used Item
1 Merc NFT pack purchase BQT
2 Purchase Merc NFT from players + fee BQT
3 Upgrade Merc NFT BQT
4 Upgrade Combat Vehicle NFT BQT
5 Reroll Merc NFT skills BQT
6 Lock Merc NFT skills to not be rerolled BQT
7 Unlock Merc NFT skills BQT
8 Fuse Mercs BQT
9 Reset Merc Corruption Cores
10 Extract Mercs Cores
11 Increase number of Squads Cores
12 Fee to join Survival Mode Cores
13 Fee to join ranking event Cores
14 Reroll when leveling up in-game Cores
15 Claim (convert to BQT + fee) Cores

BQT and Core Burn Plan

In order to prevent excessive market distribution of items consumed in the game, BQT used for each purpose in the game will be immediately Burned (and will not be acquired or retained by the management). Cores used for each purpose will be deleted immediately (and will not be acquired or retained by the management).

Dynamic Adjustment of Commissions

1 Core = 1 BQT is the base.
*The actual rate may differ because a commission fee may apply.
*The following conditions must be met in order to claim Cores and earn BQT
– Hold at least 50 BQT
– Hold at least 400 Cores

There will be situations in which a fee will be applied to BQT or Core usage. These fees will fluctuate dynamically to stimulate the economy.

  1. Claim fee
    The amount of the fee varies depending on the following three factors:
    – Number of Cores in possession at time of claim
    – Number of days elapsed since initial login
    – Game balance
  2. Marketplace fee
    5% of the seller’s set price will be deducted as the seller’s fixed fee. An additional commission may be added to the initial fixed 5% depending on the balance of the game at the time of purchase.

Core Possession Restriction

There is a possession limit for the number of Cores allowed.
Once the possession limit is reached, no more Cores can be acquired.

Resource Updates

In addition to the above, we will adjust game balance and update functions with the aim of long-term operation, taking into account price fluctuations and user feedback as appropriate.