Welcome to the world of Crypt Busters!

Welcome to the world of Crypt Busters! image

The World of Crypt Busters

In the year 20XX, a mysterious virus outbreak occurred with infection causing mutations and extreme violent tendencies. The virus quickly spread to not only humans and animals, but even plants, and it wasn’t long before the virus had spread around the world.

20 years have passed since the start of the outbreak. Civilization has collapsed and the human population has been reduced to 1/50 of what it was. Those who have survived the worst of the outbreak have built defenses in the remaining cities around the world and are constantly fighting against the hordes of the infected.

It was quickly discovered that a valuable resource could be extracted from the infected and used for various military purposes, such as strengthening the bodies of fighters or upgrading their weapons. This valuable resource was named the “Core”.

Today “Cores” must be harvested on the battlefield for humanity to continue its fight for survival.

About Crypt Busters

Crypt Busters is a military-themed survival action blockchain game set in a post-apocalyptic world.

The vision of the game is the marriage of satisfying gameplay to an economy in which you can earn tokens by playing.

In Crypt Busters, players take the role of a commander and deploy Mercs and Combat Vehicles to fight and survive against hordes of the Infected. As you defeat hordes of Infected, you will earn “Blood Quartz” (BQT) tokens.

Crypt Busters offers two modes of play. In the Autoplay Mode, you form a squad with up to 12 Mercs and they will take down the Infected as time passes. In the Survival Mode, you take control of one Merc to take down the Infected yourself.

So, if you have the guts, Commander, prepare to fight for your life and kick some undead butt!