Character Bios

Here are the brave heroes who dedicate their lives to fighting the Infected.
Gatling Guy image
Gatling Guy (real name: Bengan)
(Real name suggested by イズミン#4420 (Izumin))

Don’t let his rough appearance fool you–he’s got brains AND brawn. He also used to be a charming socialite, but that all changed after he lost his family in the apocalypse. Now, he lives a spartan lifestyle constantly enacting vengeance against the Infected alongside his best friend: his gun.

Double Gun Gal image
Double Gun Gal (real name: Reika)
(Real name suggested by カレー工房#3223 (Curry Workshop))

To her, things haven’t changed too much since the apocalypse. She used to be a brilliant police officer fighting for justice against evil…no matter the cost, and in the current world, she still does. Her sights have just switched from criminals to the Infected.

Shotgun Guy image
Shotgun Guy (real name: Bigjoe)
(Real name suggested by taxbobo#7780)

Nobody can quite pin down his true identity. Sometimes he claims he used to be a security guard, and other times a famous singer. And still other times he dismisses himself as a coward. The only thing certain about him is what keeps him going: the search for fine liquor left hidden in the ruins of the old world.

Drone Lady image
Drone Lady (real name: Droney)
(Real name suggested by Sazaemon#2611)

She used to be a brilliant engineer who developed military equipement, and her innovations in the field of AI weaponry made her famous, but the lack of data from actual combat was a constant point of frustration for her. Luckily for her, the post-apocalyptic world offers more opportunities than ever.

Grenade Lady image
Grenade Lady (real name: Rose)
(Real name suggested by arashi#9539 and イズミン#4420 (Izumin))

Her old life was nothing but luxury: eating fancy meals, driving expensive cars, and surrounded by doting men. In other words, an absolute bore. After the apocalypse she has found a new passion in explosives. If nothing else, her new life is anything but boring.