How to Get Started

Getting Started

When logging in for the first time, please authenticate with your MetaMask account.
For more information on MetaMask, please see the Medium article here.

If you want to log in on an Android device or log in without MetaMask authentication you need to register your ID and password with MetaMask in advance.

Then you can log in without entering your issued ID and password.
However, please note that some functions may be restricted in this case.
Please manage your ID and Password yourself.

How to issue an ID and Password

After logging in with MetaMask authentication, select [HOME > Settings (gear icon) > Account > Register], enter your desired ID and Password and select “Accept”.
After registering your ID and password you will be able to log in to the game without MetaMask authentication.

About Required Token

This game utilizes two tokens: BQT and MATIC (Polygon).

More about BQT
Token Documentation (BOBG PTE. LTD.)

Important note about MATIC (Polygon)
NFTs for this game can be purchased through the Polygon network with MATIC.
Please note that you can’t use MATIC through the Ethereum network.

Flow of the Game

Below you will find the flow of the game.

Crypt Busters flow of the game image