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The Web3 Gaming Experience We Want to Deliver

Crypt Busters is the first blockchain project for us at Ateam Entertainment Inc. We have developed games in a wide variety of genres, focusing mainly on smart devices. In recent years, we have broadened our scope to include genres that utilize more advanced technology, including a battle royale game that requires large-scale real-time communication infrastructure.

Our particular strengths are our expertise in global expansion and long-term project operation. Titles we have developed to date are available in 13 languages in 154 countries. Dark Summoner, launched in 2012, reached number 1 in sales rankings in the U.S. on the Google Play Store and has been enjoyed by many gamers around the world for over 10 years.

As a game company that delivers cutting-edge entertainment from Japan to the world, we turned our sights to Web3 development in 2022.

In developing Crypt Busters, our first blockchain game, we focused on combining a fun gaming experience with Web3 technology to create a game that could be enjoyed by players around the world.

Crypt Busters is an easy-to-play action survival game that we hope players will find to be fun and enthralling. We have designed the game around collecting and upgrading NFTs and implemented a mechanism that allows players to collect tokens by defeating enemies.

The main concept is the combination of a Web3 experience and an easy-to-play game. In addition to the satisfaction of wiping out large hordes of enemies, recovered rewards become tokens. We hope that this system can be enjoyed by everyone around the world.

Leveraging the know-how we have accumulated over the years of long-term project operation, We plan to adjust the game’s balance and update its features according to its needs.

Crypt Busters is our first blockchain game. We hope to continue growing in this area as we receive feedback from our players around the world, and we look forward to hearing YOUR feedback and thoughts as well.

Crypt Busters
Crypt Busters
Crypt Busters
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About Tokenomics

Crypt Busters includes a system that allows players to earn tokens while playing the game. For more information, see the Tokenomics section.

About Us

Ateam Entertainment Inc. is a subsidiary of Ateam Inc., a company traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market.

The company purpose of Ateam Inc. is “Combining Creativity and Tech to Deliver More Convenience and More Fun to All”.

We aim to continue to deliver ever greater value in a wide variety of fields with “Crypt Busters”.