Merc Training System

Mercs can be upgraded in the following ways to be more efficient in battle.

Level Up

Mercs can be leveled up by spending BQT and using other Mercs as a material. Leveling up increases their attack power and makes them more efficient in fighting the Infected. The number of BQT required increases as the level increases.

▼Level-up costs for Merc NFTs

NFT level before upgrade Merc NFTs to be consumed BQT consumed Increased attack power
1 1 10 3
2 1 20 3
3 1 30 3
4 1 40 3
5 1 50 3
6 1 60 3
7 1 70 3
8 1 80 3
9 1 90 3
10 1 100 3

*Stats may be adjusted before the game is released.

Skill Reroll

Skills possessed by Mercs can be rerolled for both General Skills and Survival Skills. Skills of your choice can be locked (removed from the reroll list), but the more skills you lock, the more BQT you will need.

▼Skill reroll screen
Skill reroll screen image
*Image is of product under development. Content may differ from final release.

▼Cost of resetting Merc skills

Number of skills to lock BQT consumed
0 10
1 20
2 30
3 40
4 50

*Stats may be adjusted before the game is released.

Unlock Skills

There is a maximum number of skill slots for each rarity. For Mercs with available skill slots, you can spend BQT to unlock those slots.

▼Cost of unlocking Merc skills

BQT consumed

*Stats may be adjusted before the game is released.