Acquisition and Quantities

Combat Vehicles are NFTs, and can be obtained by methods listed below.
Other limited-time time ways to obtain Combat Vehicles may become available in the future.

Ways to obtain Combat Vehicles Currency
Purchase from the in-game shop MATIC (Polygon)
Marketplace MATIC (Polygon)

*Additional issuance of Combat Vehicles will be considered based on the overall possession rate. Any additional issuance will be conducted with prior notice.

Marketplace Transactions

The Marketplace allows users to trade Combat Vehicle NFTs with other users.
The listing price has a minimum price for each rarity.

▼Minimum listing price

Name Minimum Listing Price (MATIC (Polygon))
KFZ Half-Track 10
KFZ Half-Track Mk2 20
AH-1A Snake 30
AH-1B Hydra 120
Master Eagle 360
Master Griffin 800

*Stats may be adjusted before the game is released.